Writing & Multimedia Content Portfolio

Serverless Contact Form with AWS Lambda

A step-by-step tutorial with resources for setting up a serverless solution using AWS Lambda, API Gateway, S3, and SES services.

Launch Knowledge Base

The following is the internal documentation for Launch Code After School. I created the entire wiki for our company as a guide for potential employees and franchisees.
Slab Wiki

About a year after the formation of Launch, I realized we needed a curated, searchable, and integrated way to disseminate company information as the company scaled up. New employees needed a resource for information and knowledge, and mangement need a place to keep everything together and communicate. After much research, I decided on Slab, and worked with stakeholders throughout the company to curate knowledge and make this software a part of everyone's toolkit.

  • Event Certification Lessons   Created for an adult audience, intended to train employees of the company on procedures and some of our basic tools used for events and demos.

  • Course Scope & Sequence   App Inventor is an example of the planning and information document used to high-level plan an entire 40+ lesson unit on app design and related concepts, including a capstone project, Audience is middle to high school students.

  • Data and Networks Unit   A five lesson unit including several videos intended for secondary students that both describes how data and networks function, while connecting to two lessons on programming and using data for mobile app design.

  • Launch Basics Lessons   This is the first module of a course I created for all new employees. Note how the course directs users to use and explore our wiki (called Slab), the repository of all knowledge, policies, and procedures I created and curated for the company.

  • Curriculum Pathways   The high-level plan for our curriculum for students ages 8-14 years old. This was the content roadmap I created and was working on completing after designing our initial courses. Currently in the process of auditing and reorganizing our courses to fit within the pathways.

As a part of my role as the curriculum director, I was in charge of managing other subject-matter course writers, editing their content, and tracking and analyzing the time spent on each level, including ongoing projections of cost and completion timelines. For all courses I quickly learned and mastered tools such as the Computercraft (with Forge) modded version of Minecraft, MIT App Inventor, many online and desktop IDEs, the Unity Game Design engine with C#, and the Arduino Create online and desktop programming software, training teachers on troubleshooting and programming with these tools and the Arduino UNO Microcontroller. I became proficient in a number of programming languages as well as an expert and trainer on all the tools and languages we used and taught with. I also worked with managing animation contractors and budgeting and projections for the content division.

Paragon One Live Session 3 slides

These are the slides for use with a live online course. I also created videos for the teaching of the course with these slides for teacher training and reference for students.

2.01 “Getters and Setters" Slides

Made for Launch, this is an example of slides used within our platform as a part of the MIT App Inventor course for middle school students.

4.01 “Database Basics” Video

Produced by myself using the online tool Powtoon, this was made to teach concepts alongside other materials in a Launch course.

Video “Animating an App"

A video I created for a middle school student audience. to use branching logic to create a 'choose your own adventure' app with animation.

Video "Saving Data to Firebase"

This video reviews what the Firebase database is used for storing and sharing data for an app development course. This video breaks down how JSON is used to store data in key: value pairs, and how to create the code to send this data in the correct format.

Many lessons I created for courses contained attached worksheets or written tutorials. Most coding lessons contained both written and video tutorials. There is also a course manual cover I created, using some of Launch’s branded assets, as well as samples of articles and academic writing aimed at adults.