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Launch After School

At Launch After School I was curriculum director and the only partner involved in creating content for our platform and location. Hundreds of students from 7-14 years old came in to learn coding skills in a supportive environment. Roles and responsibilities included;

  • Architecting and design of all curricular units.
  • Project managing curriculum writers and subject matter experts in unique courses like Unity, Arduino, and more.
  • Product testing and iteration, working with students and teachers to improve curricula.
  • Speccing features and iterating on our proprietary learning management platform.
  • Creating student and techer feedback loops to improve learning and outcome, using software and teacher training.
  • Designing and implementing business processes and employee training
  • General IT Support and management for all computers, software, and technology equipment.
Scope and Sequence for App Design with MIT App Inventor

Backward design is at the core of my curricular design. Planning out enduring understanding in the form of targeted skills and knowledge, and aligning to local, state, and national standards are the foundation of good curriculum design.

Curriculum is designed to give students authentic programming experience, building skills and knowledge that culminates in the creation of a unique capstone project.

A folder of example lessons and activities can be accessed here



Written Tutorials
Written Tutorials

The utilization of a variety of learning strategies such as worksheets, video and written tutorials, frequent checks for understanding are key in developing effective and engaging curriculum.


GameSalad Curriculum and Guides


I worked with Game Salad Designers and engineers while teaching technology in the classroom, writing comprehensive curricular units including scope for the course, standards alignment, worksheets, and activities that teach about game design and computer science topics.

Assessments, Study Guides, & Curricular Units for


Curriculum Design for Schools

Curriculum Scope and Sequence Docs
    8th Grade Mathematics Curriculum Scope and Sequence, designed for student self-assessment

Curriculum Scope and Sequence Docs
    Standards-Aligned Mathematics and Technology Assessments

All curricular units are aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills state standards, but can be aligned to CCSS upon request. Each comprehensive unit includes a brerakdown of essential questions, student self assessment, vocabulary, and requisite knowledge and skills for mastery of the content