Unit 1

Web & Graphic Design

Course Materials, Resources, and Setup

At the beginning of the course, it is important to familiarize your students with the daily routines and the tools that will be using for your course. The first couple days are usually spent logging in, signing up for Google accounts, and creating a design notebook. The materials and resources I use in my classroom include;

  • A Design notebook where students take notes and write daily warm-ups
  • Google Classroom which is used for posting assignments, and as a discussion forum for students
  • A password log taped inside student's design notebooks to recored usernames and passwords for various educational accounts
  • Google Drive folders
  • A flash drive
  • Initial tutorials on using the operating system, including file location and saving
  • Have students sign up for accounts with Codecademy, Dash by General Assembly, and a CodeSchool.com


Think about one thing that you would like to learn in graphic & web design. Write 3-4 sentences about what you want to learn and why you took this class

What do you think is the most interesting or useful thing you can do on the internet?

In your design notebook, Describe what the Internet, webpages, and hyperlinks are. Use the reading/ video from codeschool.

Name as many parts of a computer as you can, and what each part does.

In your own words, explain what you think HTML is and CSS are. How are they different/ similar?

What are some other elements in HTML that are not tags?

Describe 3 things CSS can do and how you would write it.

Describe a time that you had a problem with technology that was frustrating, and describe what you did to solve that problem.

Read the article on cookies. Describe what cookies are and what they do. What tool that we have used in class enables us to prevent the browser from collecting and saving cookies?

Read the article on encryption. Describe what it is and why you would want to use it.

Warm-Up Questions are an essential way to begin every class. It gives the opportunity to introduce topics that are important to blend with computer skills development

Class materials

Rubrics, readings, quizzes, and projects