Graphics and Web Design

All assignments and projects for this course will be avaiable through google classroom. Students can access the google classroom by clicking on the period you are in in the menu at the top of the page. The Google Drive folders with the content from class are linked at the bottom of the page. Note that you can only access the folder if you are signed in to your school gmail account, ending in The assignments for the individual skills practice are different for each kid depending on skill level.

Supplies Needed

Students Students are expected to bring a pencil, design notebook(which may be kept in class) earbuds, ipad, and a (optional) flash drive. Students will need to bring looseleaf and a folder with brads to create their design notebook.

For the Classroom Contributions for the class are always needed and welcome! Supplies like kleenex, looseleaf paper, electronic cleaning wipes, and any extra flash drives or other electronic devices will be put to good use!

Course Description

A Preview of Web & Graphic Design A sneak peek at what students from previous years have accomplished, and what you can hope to learn by taking this course

W3 Schools

A comprehensive resource for an abundance of programminng languages, including HTML and CSS